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The Complete Coach process isn’t just a program—it’s a personalized journey that aligns your life with your vision of success and fulfillment.

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Aaron Benes, where coaching begins with your movement, voice, and story. In a sacred shared space, we’ll explore the six pillars of well-being, laying a foundation for the life you were meant to live. Committed to your transformation, we address limiting beliefs and past traumas, creating profound, lasting change. Explore miraculous results and co-create a unique coaching experience tailored to your needs, offering one-off sessions, retreats, and personalized programs. Let’s unlock your complete potential and embrace a joy-filled, purposeful life together.

Are you ready to make the impossible possible?

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Important Notes

  • Please take note that all my coaching programs are custom created for the individual.
  • I work with my clients in person, and virtually (by phone, and video)
  • The above investments are ranges and we can discuss more about your program needs when we meet.
  • All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable.
  • Most importantly, you must be committed with your time, energy, focus, and your willingness to be open.

The value attained will be priceless! I look forward to working with you.

Harness your limitless potential
and discover yourself.

Success Stories

Transformations to Inspire Your Journey

Discover the powerful experiences of individuals who have transcended their limits and found new beginnings through their transformative work with Dr. Aaron Benes.

In three months, Dr. Aaron Benes’ expertise in biomechanics and neurology significantly improved my health, emotional state, and relationships after a devastating MVA 27 years ago. His approach led to a miraculous marriage restoration and unparalleled physical and cognitive gains, brightening my future.

Bernice Team

Complete Coaching Client

Dr. Aaron transformed my life, clearing my mind of worry, stress, and doubt, much like decluttering a cluttered garage. Within two years, my health, business, and relationships flourished. His unique ability to focus and heal the mind has gifted me with clarity and peace, benefiting not only me but also those I’ve referred, including my children. I’m profoundly grateful for the “clean mind” and renewed focus Dr. Aaron has provided.

Richard Merage

Transformation Coaching Client

Before dawn, full of hope, I prepared for a transformative day with Dr. Aaron. Hours of deep, healing work on long-standing issues led to unprecedented peace and resolution. Despite a recent cancer diagnosis, the retreat’s profound impact left me calm, positive, and changed at my core.

Chelsea Hoggan

Private Retreat Client

This is my promise to you.

No one will be more committed to you than I am. Your life will be powerfully and positively changed forever.

I blend profound healing with powerful coaching to unearth the core issues that have held you back from realizing your dreams and full potential. Together, we’ll facilitate deep and lasting transformation, leading to self-discovery and self-love. Throughout this journey, I will be your dedicated coach, teacher, mentor, and trusted partner in your growth. Together, we will cultivate a thriving life filled with peace, success, and excellent health. If you’re ready to thrive and transcend, let’s work together.

The Complete Coach

The Complete Coach