The Complete Coach


Dr.Aaron Benes

Today, I have run 4 successful companies, hold a doctorate in cognitive/spiritual studies.

But I didn’t start there…

An anxious 6 year old sitting in the doctor’s office, I waited for the report.  I had a terribly rough start with school failing all of my classes, and as I got older waiting to see the vice principal for disciplinary action had become common place.  The doctor walked in calmly, and faced my parents.  He said, “I’m sorry, but your son is mildly retarded due to the brain damage that was suffered as a baby.  He is also dyslexic, severely ADD, and the severity of these disabilities will likely prevent him from leading a normal life.  Your best hope is to put him on Ritalin, and I can prescribe a mild sedative to help him get by.”  I didn’t know what half of those words meant, but I knew by the slump of my father’s shoulders that it was bad.

The choice my parents made would change the course of my life, and give me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.  They told the doctor, “No thank you”, and found my first coaches Alice and Heather who ran a cutting edge rehabilitation facility that focused on strengthening, and re-wiring the brain through physical exercises. I would spend the next 8 years doing 2 to 4 therapy sessions a day, and slowly but surely things got better. I went from failing my grade school classes, to getting C’s and D’s in middle school and high school, and with much persistence and determination by college I was getting mostly A’s and B’s.  I graduated with honors for my undergraduate degree.

As you can imagine my “differences” caused me to be a bit of an outsider at school, and so I was often the brunt of a bully’s abuse. On my second day of middle school during our lunch break I was in the outdoor area designated for lunch.  Being new to the area I looked around hoping I might recognize one of the kids from my new neighborhood. I felt a cold wet explosion on the side of my head.  One of the older much bigger kids had decided to make me the target of his practice.  I was mortified.  Events like this continued a few times a month as school went on.

With events like these pilling up, I thought martial arts would be a way to defend myself and sought out a coach, Sensei Mike.  He was 5’8” of heart, 170 pounds of muscle, and unapologetic.  Over the next few years Mike introduced me to meditation which gave me a tool to quiet my whirlwind of a mind.  He taught me about physical discipline, respect for others, and self-control.  Then in 1994 Mike would start my path toward leadership by inviting me to begin coaching the new adult students.  This invitation was the opening of the doors to my calling as a coach, teacher, and healer.  The brilliant brain body coaching of Alice and Heather, and the coaching of Mike through Martial Arts began to create the first two pillars of my work- Physical and Mental Health. 

Meandering into my early 20’s I found myself feeling really alone.  My body was getting stronger, my brain was functioning about 70% of the average persons at this point (an incredible improvement); and yet, I felt a deep disconnect.  Enter my next significant mentor, Dr. David Hawkins.  I immersed myself in spirituality reading everything I could, taking workshops and seminars to help my expansion.  For the first time in my life I started to feel really connected to something outside of myself or my family.  This episode in my life created the third pillar of my work- Spiritual Health.  Today with the inclusion of this spiritual aspect my life continues to have more purpose.  I feel overall happier, content, and have an unwavering sense of purpose to serve those I work with because I am convinced that this is what I was put on the earth to do.

Then in my mid 20’s I met a beautiful young woman named Carlye, and we fell deeply in love.  Due to my emotional immaturity it was a turbulent relationship of breaking up and making up.  I was a wounded young man carrying many uncovered childhood traumas including an abusive household, and getting caught in my parents’ divorce.  After a few years of my really confusing come here and go away behavior Carlye did what any self-respecting woman would do, and dumped me.  I was so devastated I didn’t want to live.  However, instead of ending everything I sought out my next coach and mentor, Robert, who began my journey of healing my broken heart, dealing with emotional pain, confronting my past, and developing a deep relationship with my Inner Self.  To me, emotional mastery is to recognize one’s feelings, acknowledge them, and give them a kind voice.  Then utilizing tools to re-center, check what’s “true” within, and take empowering action.  This is the foundation of the fourth pillar- Emotional well-being.  

I must admit that the financial pillar was one that came more naturally to me from a young age. I grew up in poor environment filled with a scarcity mindset and packed with limiting beliefs about money. So having learned everything not to do, I began to do the exact opposite of what I was taught from birth. At the tender age of 9 I got my first job, and immediately began implementing my strategy. The massive $10 a week that I earned went straight into a jar for safe keeping, and day by day my piggy bank grew.  At sixteen I started my first company – an auto detailing business.  At 19, I met Brian who also had an auto detailing business, but was older, wiser, and much more successful than me. His insights completely shifted the course of my financial life.  By the time I was 22 my company was in the top 2 or 3 within the county, and very profitable. At 27, I sold my company and used a portion of the proceeds to start Imagine Fitness. My determination along with a commitment to my continual education has allowed me to run four sustainable, profitable businesses without compromising my integrity.  I have learned that when our financial needs are not being met it can throw off our well-being in all other areas.  This is why my work includes this fifth crucial pillar- Financial Freedom. 

Today, I have the honor of passing forth the knowledge, wisdom, and expertise that over 40 coaches have imparted on me during my journey toward health and happiness. Now I powerfully serve my clients to achieve optimal well-being and fulfillment in ALL FIVE pillars- Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial.  My mission is for my clients to truly thrive in their lives.  I believe there is so much more in store for each and every one of us, and the joy of being a coach is that I get to see your potential, and assist you in exceeding it.  I look forward to serving you in becoming your BEST in EVERY WAY.    

Bio (highlights):

  • BS Kinesiology Cal State Fullerton
  • Masters Spiritual Cognitive Studies Emerson Theological Institution
  • Doctorate Spiritual Cognitive Studies Emerson Theological Institution
  • CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
  • USA Weightlifting Certified Weight Lifting Coach
  • FMS level 1&2 Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist 
  • Several other degrees and certifications from learning and living life fully

I change lives!

Most coaches work on one area of their clients lives. I work with the whole person.


Build a foundation for success and positive thinking.


Cultivate self appreciation and experience true inner peace.


Create a prosperity mindset and the financial freedom you’ve always wanted.


Eliminate your emotional stress and increase self-confidence.


Discover your body’s highest level of physical potential.


You’ve never been someone to settle. You know you’re capable of more, and that so much is possible for you.