I guarantee if we work together that no one will be more committed to you than I am. Your life will be powerfully and positively changed forever.

Working with Dr. Aaron Benes “Coach” is one of the most amazing, extraordinary experiences I have ever had.  27 years ago, I was in an MVA that left me with a brain injury, pituitary injury (many hormone deficiencies), joint and soft tissue injuries, and severely impaired mental and physical health, worsening over the years.  This affected my family and relationships greatly.  I spent all my energy and finances on doctors, practitioners, therapists, modalities (both traditional and alternative) and garnered little, if any help from most.  I have experienced more improvement in three months working with Coach than I have from years, even decades with others.  Where I might say a certain treatment or modality helped a little, for example 40 one hour hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments made a slight but temporary improvement to some of my brain injury symptoms, three months of twice a week physical workouts and six transformational sessions with Coach have given profound and permanent improvement to my cognitive function, memory, finding words, not to mention that I am physically far more flexible, mobile and stronger than I have been in decades.  Plus, my emotional state and relationships are so dramatically improved, it’s hard to believe for such a short time!

He is a true master of understanding in the biomechanics of the body, neurology of the brain and body, nutrition and then let’s talk about the MIND.  He has an uncanny ability to get to the root of a problem and then has an incredible array of tools at his disposal to allow your mind to process and exchange the wrong thinking or get over the spot where its stuck.  Its hard to explain but I have now experienced it over and over again.

The first time I met with Dr. Benes was for a transformational session.  I came begging for help.  I had nearly three decades of a broken brain and body which had resulted in damaged relationships and inability to handle the stresses of life.  My mind and body were stuck in a fight or flight loop and my heart was gutted and unable to get over my broken marriage.  This will sound crazy, but I am not exaggerating when I say that my marriage was restored in that one session and every session since has been equally miraculous and impactful.  It has been life-altering, thrilling and has restored my hope for a wonderful future.

Working with Coach is an absolute delight.  He is the most genuinely caring, accepting, non-judgmental, trustworthy person I have ever met.  I believe this is one of the keys to his amazing success because I feel safe to be completely open and honest with Coach and I have the assurance of knowing he has the knowledge and expertise to help me.  I’m convinced there is nothing I could say that would shock or disappoint him.

The list of improvements in my life as a result of working with Coach include:  my marriage is now phenomenal; my relationship with my kids are dramatically improved-we are laughing together on a daily basis; my body pain is quickly disappearing; I am able to be more active; I am sleeping more soundly and waking more rested; my body is losing inches; my cognition is dramatically improved; I am not anxious and my outlook is sunny; I am no longer overly responsible for others; I am living in the present and enjoying it instead of watching my life happen; I am happier, lighter, more positive than I’ve been in decades; and I am gaining ground every week instead of the declining.  My future is bright and growing brighter.

In my opinion, Dr. Benes cannot be compared to others.  He is in a league all by himself.  He has the training, experience and tools to help anyone in any situation, no matter how complicated or dire.  He has invested heavily in possessing the absolute best tools that exist for creating optimal health and performance in the biomechanics/neurology of the body, brain and mind.  Some of those tools are physical equipment while many are techniques and exercises he has collected over decades.  Most importantly, he gets results like nobody I have ever known or heard of, period.  He is an extraordinary gift to me, my family and everyone who gets the pleasure of working with him.


Bernece Teem

Dear Dr. Aaron,

From our first conversation, you have so lovingly and willingly made time and space for me. You have made me feel safe and valued. You have inspired me and opened my mind to new possibilities.

I would like to thank you first, for your huge and generous heart. Thank you for all the ways you held, supported and saw me. Thank you for your gentle yet powerful presence that created the space for me to drop the walls and the chains that had kept me locked in for so long. Thank you for seeing and acknowledging me for the big and small ways I show up. Thank you for helping me identify and release “unuseful” beliefs and step into a new dimension of myself and my life. I have really enjoyed working with you. I will carry what I’ve learned form you through the rest of my life.

Our work together has helped me recreate who I am meant to be – a powerful, graceful, valuable woman who is deeply loved by all that is. I am excited for what’s unfolding.

With deep gratitude,

Anjela Dermenjyan

My situation may be more unique than most and yet I pray it inspires others to see the possibilities for their own life. I was in the midst of the worst year of my life. My grandmothers passing, my father’s sudden death while I was away visiting my soon to be fiancé, and subsequent betrayal of that fiancé all within a 1 year period left my heart, soul, and mind shattered.

Most people would stay stuck or fall into great despair and perhaps adopt catastrophic behaviors for years or the rest of their life. For me, it was as though the Universe sent me the greatest gift in The Complete Coach.

Although I was in the lowest point in my life, I committed myself to the program and within a matter of months Dr. Aaron guided me through the most challenging moments. He gave me a perspective and new found version of myself that I never knew existed. I gained strength, inner peace, a calm love for life, and a sense of gratitude that I never thought possible, especially following my recent life experiences. If you had asked me at the beginning if it was possible, I would tell you that I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since that time, in a relatively short period of time, I have worked through not only issues of coming to terms with the passing of my loved ones and forgiving those who hurt me, but I have inadvertently become the subject of inspiration and hope for those around me. I am consistently reminded by those who know me, how much I have changed and that they cannot believe who I have become. My health has improved, my physical appearance is better, my finances have drastically advanced, I am mentally and emotionally steady, and I am miles ahead of where I was. It is now as though I see blind spots in the world that I never even knew existed.

So imagine if someone who has endured so much can improve in such a short period of time, what can you do? Are you committed to a better version of yourself? A better life for yourself, your loved ones, and your community? If the answer is yes, then I can think of no person better to be your Sherpa than Dr. Aaron Benes, The Complete Coach. The Complete Coach has transformed my life, now it’s your turn.

Behnoud Borhani

Where to begin? Let’s start with the present. I would not be who I am, or where I am at in my life; if it were not for Dr. Aaron Benes – The Complete Coach. That may sound exaggerated or even embellished, but it is not. I hope if you are reading this, you can gain some insight into the immense value I have received and treasure from working with Aaron.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend got into law school on the East Coast. And I have been faced with a very challenging decision, whether or not to move out there. He and I went back and forth on it; there were good days and bad. I started questioning myself, why can’t I just do it and move out there? I spoke with Dr. Aaron about it in a TC (transformational coaching session), and he told me to ‘sit with it, reflect on it, and meditate about it.’ So I did, and when I sat with that question several things came to light. One being, I am afraid, moving across the country to a place I have never lived and know no one is scary; two, most of my family lives here, and it would be very challenging for me to leave them; three, my job is here; and lastly I realized a significant factor in me not being able to leave was because of Aaron and the work I do with him, physical, mentally and emotionally. At that moment I realized that there is still work that needs to be done, and I am not ready to end the chapter on this part just yet. Why, did I tell you this whole story about me not knowing whether or not to move? Because I want you to know that there is no other person or place in the world like Dr. Aaron and the Sanctuary that he has created.

Even my boyfriend told me, “Hey, its okay we can find you another Coach and another gym.” And I angrily and most likely over-dramatically yelled, “you don’t get it! You don’t understand! There is no one else in the world that can do what Dr. Aaron does for me; there’s no other gym that can be the home and sanctuary that I have come to know as my sacred space.”

Dr. Aaron is one of the best, most loving and dedicated individuals I have ever met. He is beyond knowledgeable, especially when it comes to total health, wellness, and fitness. He’s the kind of person you can ask a question, and if he doesn’t have the answer; he’ll research it and let you know his findings. I’ve always admired that quality.

I have truly grown as a person from the work I have done with him. I started there not knowing who I was; I was lost, and armed myself with walls and masks so no one could see or know how lost and broken I felt. I could never acknowledge myself or my accomplishments. I thought I was weak and needed to be perfect. In all honesty, I felt ugly. In writing this, I feel no shame, no guilt, and no sadness for who I was. Because who I was then started this journey, and has allowed me to become the beautiful, strong, passionate and happy person I am now, and I am so thankful for that. Dr. Aaron helped me, assisted me, and gave me the tools and resources I needed to unlock my soul that was so very caged and buried deep within me. He could see exactly who I was, and he knew what I was capable of, even when I didn’t at the time. That support, that guidance, and that belief Aaron had in me, never wavered and gave me peace. The peace and safety are what make both Dr. Aaron and his place of business a sanctuary, a place to unlock all of your strengths; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It’s a place to unleash the power that is truly you. I have always had a challenging time when people ask me where I train, or who my coach is. Because most people have not experienced what I have, where I have. I don’t work out, I train. I train not only my body but everything that I am. I have walked through the doors of The Sanctuary, so many times; it’s become a symbol of empowerment for me and all the accomplishment I have made.

One thing I know for sure, that if and when my life takes me on another journey where I physically cannot be with Dr. Aaron, I will always have a family and someone I know I can rely on, someone who I know believes in me. My experience with Dr. Aaron – The Complete Coach has provided me with invaluable resources and tools to be my best in every way. And I am.

Tiffanie Battram

At the time I had initially contacted Dr. Aaron I was exhausted, I had literally spent more than a decade and thousands of dollars searching for answers to my life. I had suffered many disappointments and felt lost and confused. I couldn’t sleep, I was frustrated and confused, the decisions that I had made in my life had lead me to a place of shear frustration, relationships personal and professional had become so intertwined, I was exhausted, confused and empty, I simply disappeared to myself. I remember thinking to myself “I am physically, mentally and spiritually sick” and that I had to do something! I decided if I could not take care of my health mentally or my soul spiritually, I could and would take care of my body physically. So I decided to hire a fitness coach to help me get into shape. Feeling intimidated and insecure about myself I googled private gyms and came across your name and a couple of pictures, all looked good so I called.

Right away you were so professional and caring, you explained to me about your sanctuary and what you were all about, you explained your process and what you required of me in order to see if you and I were a “good fit”. It was apparent this was way different than just a gym or a life coach and I was excited! I still did not fully understand, but I knew this was meant to be. In giving up I was actually giving in and allowing God to guide me to the help and healing that I was so longing for. I could never truly describe why I chose to work with you because in reality I was guided to you and this can’t ever really be explained, I can however thank you for you incredible knowledge, talent and gifts, your compassion and love and above all your incredible wisdom and integrity!

You have been a mentor and a friend you have been an incredible guide to me. I knew from my very first session with you that I was on a journey of healing. I felt very comfortable, knowing how thorough you were in taking the time to get to know me I knew you really cared.

With the help of your guidance and expertise combined with true compassion and love, I was able to untangle the knot in my life and start the healing process. You showed me how to love and respect myself again. I can’t say enough about how wonderful you are and the difference the work we are doing together is making in my life. I am no longer suffering from anxiety and fear worried about my future. I have self-confidence. I am so much more aware of my feelings and the feelings of those around me. I am learning to look to the future instead of living in the past. I am discovering new things every day that help me understand myself better.

This was by far the best investment I’ve ever made…I’m sleeping better, I am making better decisions , I am able to view situations with greater clarity , I am much more positive and calm. I cannot thank you enough!”

With much gratitude and love,

Tracy Arnold

If you have a desire to change your life, to make it more joyful, and to feel better about yourself then call Dr. Aaron. It has made a significant difference in my life. Just in my first Transformational Coaching session with Aaron, he helped me see things so clearly and simply. Because of this session, I have learned to be more open, even if it means being vulnerable and as a result, I’m developing deeper relationships. Everyday I am grateful for the decision to work with Dr. Aaron and the deep joy is seeing the impact it has had in my daily life.

Gretchen Loufek

Before I began working with Dr. Aaron, I was living in a haze. My emotional world was turbulent and chaotic. I swung between deep, overwhelming sadness and numbing indifference with small glimpses of joy sprinkled throughout. I didn’t trust myself and I had a difficult time being vulnerable with others, feeling unsafe in the world and inside my own mind. I was extremely discouraged and scared after a car accident that left me in so much physical pain. I had worked very hard up until that time to undo childhood trauma and brain injury symptoms, and I was terrified that it had all been undone in one instant. I felt exhausted and like I couldn’t do anything to take care of myself or be independent.

Since then, everything has changed. I had seen glimpses of my true self before, but now I know her as myself and walk in that identity every day. My body is stronger than it has ever been and I trust it to do what I need, for work or recreation.

My relationships with my family members are the best I can ever remember them being, and I’m so grateful we have developed a loving and trusting dynamic after so many years of struggle and hurt. I feel confident to speak my truth and show up as myself with my friends and strangers. I have learned what true integrity looks like, and have found freedom to show up fully in my relationships.

Knowing Dr. Aaron has changed me forever. His experience and knowledge shines through his interactions with me. He has always treated me with loving kindness and respect, and knows exactly what to do to help me overcome any obstacle. I have learned so much from him that I will carry with me the rest of my life; it has already transformed my relationships, my sense of self, my physical health and how I view the world. Confidence has become a more authentic piece of who I am, not just a behavior to help me feel safe and protected in the world. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such a man. He has been a wise and gentle teacher, fully devoted to my health and success as a human. To anyone considering embarking on the journey of healing with Dr. Aaron as their guide, I caution them. It will require all their commitment and attention, but it is priceless. There is no amount of money or experiences that could replace what I have gained from investing in my future here.

I will never cease to benefit from the investment I made working with Dr. Aaron, and anyone can have the same experience. I just had to devote myself to my own betterment and trust the process. There was a time for me that I believed I would never experience anything different from my reality and I would have to live with the repercussions of trauma forever, but that is simply not the case anymore. I have healed and transformed into a better version of myself and will continue to grow more and more into who I am created to be.

It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for the immeasurable blessing it has been to work with you.

Katy Teem

Dr. Aaron Benes changed my life in the most surprising way. I came to him to help me lose weight and deal with a physical postpartum trauma. But he did so much more than just focus on the physical aspects of what I was going through. He helped redefine who I am and how I move about the world. For me, I needed to explore the emotions I was harboring from my physical issues and redevelop qualities like patience, empathy, and acknowledgment. The work I did with Dr. Aaron has repaired longtime broken relationships with family members, improved my marriage, made me a better mother, and given me the tools to be an effective leader at work.
Dr. Aaron is the most thoughtful, knowledgeable, and comprehensive coach. I challenge you to even attempt to find someone as good, caring, and thorough. He is invested in your wellbeing, as much, if not more, than you are. From researching the best shoes to wear while training, to investing in specialized lasers to treat you, to using a 12-step filtration process to serve you the cleanest water possible while training with him, to working with your medical providers to ensure that your program is aligned with theirs, Dr. Aaron will stop at nothing to make you the best version of yourself. Grateful does not even begin to describe how blessed I feel for being able to work with him. 10/10 will recommend to anyone!
Stephanie Jones

Working with Dr. Aaron has helped me get stronger – both mentally and physically. His approach look at all the mental and nutritional inputs that affect you, in addition to incorporating critical exercises that help your body move better and more efficiently. I suffer from an autoimmune disease and as a result of working with Dr. Aaron I feel more energetic, have less flare ups and fuel my body better. I’m constantly setting goals on things I didn’t believe I was capable of doing and achieving with your positive support. Working with Dr. Aaron is definitely worth the investment in yourself. What you gain doesn’t just impact your physical health, but also helps in providing you the tools to be successful in all areas of your life.

Cherry Prangley

Hi! I’m Matteo Merage, and I’d love to share some words about my experience working with Dr. Aaron Benes. To put it simply, the past three months have been the best three months of my life. I can honestly say I am really happy for the first time in a long time, and I owe the biggest thank you to Dr. Aaron.

Before I started working with Dr. Aaron, I was in a really bad place after experiencing hardships through my childhood and early adulthood. I was dealing with so many problems at the same time that I was constantly feeling anxious, depressed, insecure, and close to giving up. I was also extremely unhealthy, eating poorly, sleeping inconsistently, and was extremely inactive.

Through working with Dr. Aaron, I have been able to correct these behavioral patterns alongside so many more. I now stand up tall with confidence, I build and facilitate great relationships, I am integrous as can be, and I can finally maintain a routine. I was also able to heal so rapidly from my knee surgery through the help of laser therapy, exercise, and other techniques.

My favorite thing about Dr. Aaron is that I know I can always count on him, trust him, and come to him with absolutely anything for support and would never be judged. Dr. Aaron is the most intelligent, yet most humble soul I have had a privilege to meet and grow close with. I have the upmost respect and love for Dr. Aaron, and I think every single human being would get way more than their time and money’s worth from Dr. Aaron. In fact, it’s been a gift and an honor for me. I appreciate and am so thankful for always being there for me and for helping me get through the things I never imagined I would.

When I say this, I mean it. I am most genuinely confident that Dr. Aaron has the potential to help any single living thing, and I believe he will be the savior to my family and me. He is the best.


Matteo Merage

Dr. Aaron I don’t even know where to begin. Physically, I have felt much stronger, much more flexible, and full of much more energy. I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’re making!  It’s wonderful. Mentally and emotionally, we’ve gone leaps and bounds! It’s been such a miraculous change that it’s unbelievable! 

Dr. Aaron, you have truly helped me change the way I think about myself, the way I view the world around me, the people in it, and everything about life! I can’t believe how amazing I feel.  I never realized that the whole issue is the way I viewed myself. You’ve helped me be positive, and see all my true potential, and all the wonderful attributes I have, and always have had. Now I can really overcome things that seemed overwhelming before.  I have changed the way I look at others, for the better — and that really helps in all my relationships!  Before starting with you, I had never thought about all these pillars and that it takes a combination of all of them being healthy to really be a full healthy person. Thank you for helping me get all of these balanced.  

When I tell my friends, family, and people I meet about my journey with you, Aaron I always tell them how wonderful it is! I wish everyone could work with you too. I explain to them that we do way more than workout. Yes, working out is a very important aspect, but we also do “head work.”  We work on my head, my feelings, my mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being, because without all of them being healthy and in sync, we can’t truly be our best selves. I always get nods, they agree that these things are true. I let them know that we meet and have deep meaningful conversations, we do visual work, we do emotional talking, and you help me see the things that could use altering in my life. I let them know that this is the most amazing work I’ve ever been a part of — and the most important because it’s my life!  It affects more than just me, it affects my whole family, and all my friends and loved ones.

Dr. Aaron, thank you so much for letting me into your world and for being willing to work with me. You are amazing! I am so blessed to have you take an interest in helping me become the best version of myself that I could ever be! You’re wonderful! The amount of time, effort, money, and education you’ve done to get to where you are blows me away. It really shows that you care about your clients and go the extra mile for us! I am pretty sure you care about us more than we do! I really think this!! Thank you for everything, Aaron!


Jenny Pluma

My body was in so much pain after my first pregnancy that I waited over four years to become pregnant again. Once that happened, my physical and mental state weren’t any better, and I was scared of repeating the pains of my first pregnancy, and at a later age! I began working with Dr. Aaron about half way through my pregnancy, and in the middle of dealing with the aftermath of my home flooding and a gestational diabetes diagnosis that turned my pregnancy into a high-risk event.

 Thanks to Dr. Aaron, my life has been transformed. I noticed results quickly when I started looking better as my pregnancy progressed! I was able to walk and train up until giving birth (I could barely walk at the end of my previous pregnancy), and had the unmedicated birth experience I desired. My belongings were moved back into my home three days before I went into labor, and I walked away from birth feeling like a superhuman. Waiting two weeks to be medically cleared to workout again felt like the longest wait. I knew I was in great hands with Aaron, and he would safely guide me through each step of my journey, both physically and mentally. He would never prescribe workouts that my body wasn’t ready for. For instance, he carefully worked in squats to be sure I’d be ready to carry the extra weight of pregnancy and give birth.

Working with Dr. Aaron is a whole life experience that has changed my life in ways that are difficult to put into words, and sometimes, even to realize until some time has gone by. My marriage, home, physical, and work life are all transformed by the time I’ve spent with Dr. Aaron this year.

Whitney Stemler


If you are looking to become your best self, reaching your potential both physically and spiritually, The Complete Coach is your answer. Dr. Aaron leads his all-inclusive facility providing a comfortable, non-intimidating, friendly atmosphere giving you the tools you need to accomplish your goals. After working with Aaron to develop his business model I have seen how passionate he is about changing people’s lives and giving them the best there is to offer when it comes to mind and body transformation. If you are looking to become your best self, then look no further than to Dr. Aaron Benes where he is absolutely changing lives.

Rachel Cosgrove


Dr. Aaron is the most amazing and extraordinary person I have ever met in my life. Before I started working with Dr. Aaron, I struggled with everyday life. I was stressed out most of the time, had very unhealthy relationships and didn’t know what I wanted out of life. I was so unaware of how much hurt from my childhood had carried into my later life. Dr. Aaron walked me through exercises that before meeting him, if anyone would have tried explaining, I would have called them crazy. However, after taking the step to be vulnerable with Dr. Aaron, I know the work he did with me changed my life forever. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself, but the work he does is nothing short of miraculous in my eyes.

Along with all the many mental challenges, I have faced just as many physical ones. As far back as I can remember I have dealt with muscle pain, extreme nerve twitching and various brain issues. It took about 12 years of this before someone figured out what was going on. I had Bartonella, basically the evil cousin of Lyme disease. Over the years, my muscles kept getting weaker, my nerve pain and twitching got worse and on top of all that, I had gotten into a boat accident which affected my short term memory. I was convinced that I would never get better, I thought I would never be in the physical shape I wanted to be in and my lack of short term memory terrified me.

As I went through treatment for Bartonella, it was very up and down but overall very effective. My Bartonella was gone after just over a year of treatment. Time to celebrate, right?! Not quite. My body was exhausted and the weakest it had ever been. I tried getting in shape by myself, doing what I knew, as a lot of people do but I saw little improvement compared to where I wanted to be. Even just functioning like a “normal” person, taking deep breaths was a challenge for me at this point. It was depressing to see and feel my body deteriorate. All I could do was try not to let that depression consume me and keep working out.

Around that same time my mom introduced our family to “Coach” or Dr. Aaron. Fast forward about a year and my parents gifted me the opportunity to work with Coach on a weekly basis. I had never imagined that my physical goals could ever get accomplished and grow that quickly. I gained 7 1/2 lbs of muscle in just the first 4 week of physical training. I have never felt better about my physical appearance and my ability as an athlete. Right along with the physical, my ability to communicate in all aspects of my life had grown astronomically. My closest friends that didn’t know I was working with Coach asked me what was going on. I seemed so much happier and could convey my emotions in a healthy way. My relationships with them, along with my family and boyfriend grew to the best place they had ever been. I never could have done any of this without Coach.

Dr. Aaron has the most extraordinary heart and makes everyone feel like family. It was easy to trust him and talk to him about the hardest parts of my life. Trusting people was never something that came easily to me. The progress and growth that I have achieved working with Coach in just a few months will impact my life and future family forever. The things he has done for me in just a short amount of time are incredible. I feel that my life has been changed forever. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Coach. There is not enough money or thank you cards in the world to show it.

Maggie Teem

Dr. Aaron sets himself apart from others in the industry by having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a positive, focused mindset. No doubt, he is one of the top 1% of coaches in the Country. He continues to learn and stay on the edge and is absolutely one of the best at what he does.

Alwyn Cosgrove

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